Virtual Loading Bays

Guaranteed time-spliced kerb slots for delivery vehicles to create certainty of parking location, preventing circling and therefore reducing congestion and emissions.

Virtual Loading Extensions

In areas where loading is allowed, but time-limited, permission can be granted to extend the legal period if more time is required, as opposed to simply issuing a penalty.

Construction Sites

On construction sites, a 'freight traffic control' system can be used to ensure that space on a restricted construction site is optimised.

Construction Holding Bays

With limited space on-site, Holding Bays reduce circling traffic and congestion whilst maximising time on-site.


An automatic notification of imminent arrival allows a user to notify a service provider of their close proximity to their destination, through an automated alert as they pass through a "geo-fence."

Flexible Kerb Space

Bays that can be utilised by Service and Maintenance Vehicles, in close proximity to intended destination - these reduce circling time looking for an area to park, as well as creating efficiencies from the fact that drivers use their vehicles as mobile workshops.

Clean Air Zones

A clean air zone allows the creation of differential charging with pricing preference for zero or low-carbon vehicles, without having to resort to massive infrastructure costs.

Skip Permit Management

Replacing inefficient practices of obtaining a skip permit, SkipTrac allows Local Authorities to better monitor skip usage with integrated enforcement through the usage of RFID tagging and an integrated back-office permit system.

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